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Lynn Forbes decorates AKA’s grave with flowers

Lynn Forbes decorated AKA’s grave with beautiful flowers as she entered 2024. It’s been a tough year for Lynn after she lost her son, AKA, back in January. Since then, she has been expressing her pain in many ways, including not celebrating the festive season.

Indeed, Lynn found it challenging to be fully happy celebrating the new year without giving her son a visit. Indeed, she took her time preparing for such a visit as she brought many beautiful flowers.

lynn forbes

Sharing on her Instagram, Lynn Forbes was out of words to describe her feelings.A few days ago, Lynn spoke of how much she was still feeling hurt by the passing of her son. She penned a lengthy text sharing with others in the same situation.

AKA's Mom Lynn Forbes

“For those of us grieving and finding it hard to handle our not-so-festive emotions, let’s give ourselves permission not to do the things that we’re finding hard to do.

Lynn Forbes

“Things like writing cards, putting up the tree, going to the New Year’s Eve party …It’s alright to let these go this year or next until you can cope with social events again.” she continued. From my heart to yours. Be kind to yourself” he finished.

Source: News365

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