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Lloyiso Accused Of Being Homophobic




Idols SA alum Lloyiso started the week on a high. This is as the beloved soulful singer-songwriter with an angelic voice got a co-sign from internationally recognized R&B superstar Chris Brown. However, the same post that saw him getting applause, has turned out to be the same one that has resulted in him trending for all the wrong reasons.


Back in 2019, the internationally recognized English singer-songwriter made their debut South African performance. During his tour run in the country, he had opening acts including Bonj, Mafikizolo, and Lady Zamar.

However, an artist that wanted the opportunity to open for Sam was Lloyiso. So much so that he pitched himself for the opportunity at the time singing his own rendition of Smith’s hit single Pray at the time.

While Lloyiso did not get the opportunity. For his growing presence on YouTube and musically, the comparison for the general public was never not there seemingly. As such, following his reaction to Chris Brown’s co-sign, a follower commented on the post suggesting that Lloyiso was like the South African version of Sam Smith.

To most reading the post, it sounded innocent enough. However, Lloyiso’s reply was a surprise as he warned the follower that he would block them.

As such, it did not take long for his response to garner traction. This is because tweeps indicated they did not see the problem with the tweet unless Lloyiso believed that he was being outed.

However, Lloyiso tried to explain that it was the “like” part of the post he did not agree with. It seems that he was not looking to be “like” Sam Smith anymore. But, instead, he was now inspired by Sam Smith’s career trajectory… However, as revealed, in his 2019 post, he had said the same thing the tweet had suggested.

This led to more assuming that Lloyiso was now offended by the general change in Sam Smith’s overall image as he has adopted more of a butch/femme aesthetic which has gotten him backlash. Therefore, Lloyiso might want to distance himself from the fact before it is suspected that he too is part of the LGBTIQ+ community…


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