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Liesl Laurie slams people asking about her pregnancy

Liesl Laurie slams people who make inappropriate comments on her social media posts. Taking to Instagram, the former Miss South Africa addressed people and older family relatives who are fond of asking about pregnancy or when she will be having kids.

Liesl Laurie

Liesl states that she will block people who drop such comments, and further urged her followers to block such people in her comments.

Liesl Laurie

“If you post any comment on my page alluding to pregnancy, I’m going to block you — and I hope other people also block people who [make] inappropriate comments,” she wrote.

The radio personality also claimed that her stomach isn’t big because she is pregnancy but she gets bloated whenever she is on her period.

Liesl Laurie and Musa Mthombeni

“As women, our bodies go through so much. So no, Jennifer, I’m not hiding my pregnancy or pregnant — I’m bloated because I’m on my period, because that’s what happens to women and you as a woman should understand that.

Source: News365

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