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Lady Du Shows Some Love to Oskido

Oskido has been praised as an icon by Amapiano sensation Lady Du. She took to her Instagram and sang his praises in a lengthy post.

Lady Du penned a sweet note to Oskido thanking him for the advice he gave her a year ago. She decided to give the same advice to the younger artists coming up.

“I have sooo much respect for you baba @oskidoibelieve today is just a random day but I thought I should take my time to thank you for the advise you gave me a year ago, I’d like to pass it on to the young artists that are coming up,” she wrote.

The advice goes like this: “Nothing in life comes easy. No one will save you if you don’t save yourselves. Never live under pressure, never go out of your way to look or buy things because you feel like everyone has it around you, till today I have never gone and bought myself an LV or Gucci anything, I got it as a gift from one of my wealthy friends but I don’t even wear it that much.

“Baba Oskido said to me, my child, before you start buying anything luxury, first build your net worth when you have a steady salary from your businesses knowing you no longer rely on music you can spoil yourself.”

She then spoke of other advices she received from other people regarding investing in property.

“Funny enough the same month I went to @themba he said the exact same thing and advised on property. I can tell you proudly that I’ve sacrificed sooo many of the things I want to do exactly what they advised, I invested in a business first, I am now building my first batch of apartments in the hood, my main focus is township development so people actually see how important it is to go back to where you come from and show them that anything is possible.

“So when you see me repeat clothes, looking crusty with a whole lot of dirt during the week know that after I perform on weekends I’m bob the builder!!! And the day you see me slaying you’ll know that I can now afford it without checking if I have money to buy it we live to inspire not expire. I’m not here to stay forever but I want to be part of the people that used their time building a legacy for the generation that comes after me and with God I know it will happen.”


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Lady Du usually boasts about her achievements on social media.

“2021 was my break through year, 2022 I didn’t drop anything I took all the money I made bought properties to turn into businesses, I literally focused on that so my brand can be able to take care of itself, I didn’t create a lifestyle I won’t afford, I invested in my future.”


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