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Kiefer Sutherland Explains why He is open to Returning as Jack Bauer in 24

Kiefer Sutherland is giving hope to 24 fans looking for the return of Jack Bauer. The actor, 56, revealed he’d be open to returning to the explosive and exciting world of 24 while opening up about his action-packed new Paramount+ series, Rabbit Hole, to Entertainment Tonight Wednesday. When it comes to bringing back the Emmy-winning series, Sutherland said it’s the “one thing [he’s] learned to never say no to.

“When we finished Season 8, I said we were done, and yet we did a Season 9,” he explained. “There’s a lot of elements that would have to come together to make that happen, but I certainly would not be the reason why it didn’t.” He continued of filming the hit series, “It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in my career, and I loved the character. And I’m so appreciative of the fans that liked it.

Sutherland may have been on the side of the law in 24, but in his new series Rabbit Hole, he becomes master of corporate espionage John Weir who gets framed for murder by powerful forces “in the midst of a battle over the preservation of democracy in a world at odds with misinformation, behavioral manipulation, the surveillance state and the interests that control these extraordinary powers

The Melancholia actor said filming the series was a “mixture” of surprise and collaboration when it comes to the plot twists his character faces. “But still, when you see writers who are as talented as they are, apply what we discussed as an idea, and how that idea actually comes to fruition – yeah, I have to be honest, there were a couple moments I was really surprised by the way that idea was delivered and excited by,” he teased. “That’s what made me want to do the show and I was excited from beginning to end.

When it comes to the shadowy conspiracy world John is involved in, Sutherland said Rabbit Hole is more realistic than people might think. “This manipulation of information of technology and how to take your personal information and manipulate that and use it against you, is a very frightening scenario,” Sutherland explained, “but it’s also a reality that on some level, we’re going to have to deal with as a society.” Rabbit Hole streams on March 26 on Paramount+.

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