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Alec Baldwin manslaughter trial revolves around Wild West gun

The inner workings of a Colt .45 “Peacemaker” revolver, a symbol of the American Wild West, have become the focus of Alec Baldwin’s trial for the 2021 fatal shooting of “Rust” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on a New Mexico movie set.

Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin were among those watching in the courtroom as lawyers on Tuesday questioned 70 prospective jurors about issues such as their knowledge of the case and attitude toward gun experts, the start of a process to choose a 12-person jury.

Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer seated the jury and opening statements begin on Wednesday, nearly three years after Baldwin pointed his gun at Hutchins as she set up a camera shot inside a movie-set church about 20 miles southwest of Santa Fe.

Source: People

In other news – No more taxpayer-sponsored superfan trips – Gayton McKenzie speaks out

Minister Gayton McKenzie has made the decision to stop superfan payments. The specific context and reasons behind this decision have not been detailed, but such payments typically involve financial support or incentives given to ardent supporters or followers, often in political or entertainment circles.

Gayton McKenzie


Minister McKenzie’s decision to halt these payments might be driven by a variety of factors, including budgetary constraints, a shift in policy, or a reallocation of resources to other priorities. Read more

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