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Jacquees Says King Of R&B Trend Isn’t Going To Last Long




Jacquees has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate since he became the self-proclaimed “King of R&B” — but according to him, the hate is unwarranted.


In a recent interview with Cam Newton, which dropped on Friday (June 16), the “Tell Me It’s Over” singer revealed that a lot of the hate makes no sense to him, because the “streets love him” even if the trolls on the Internet do not.

“I know it’s just a hate internet trend for Jacquees,” he said, referring to himself in the third person. “Ever since I said I was the King of R&B, you know? I see the internet, and I see real life, and I’ll be like, ‘This don’t match!’”

He continued: “I just see a lot of lies. Like, my show? Sold out. My last show in Atlanta was a hundred racks. I don’t know, like, I’m doing something right. You dig what I’m saying?”

The streets may have love for Jacquees, but his contemporaries seem to be divided on the matter. Back in 2021, YK Osiris joined in on dragging Jacquees after his version of “The Star Spangled Banner” at a Los Angeles Lakers game went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Sensing an opportunity to get on the viral social media trend, the Def Jam crooner took to Instagram with a post of him dancing to a remix of Jacquees’ version of the national anthem.

Standing next to his car as the song plays in the background, it causes YK Osiris to move his shoulders in a way similar to the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi do during their stroll routines.


“Bro wtf is wrong with me , not going lie that shit hitting hard on god,” YK wrote in the caption.

Jacquees saw the video and called YK Osiris ugly for trying to create a social media moment at his expense. “Uglaaaah boy,” he wrote.

While YK Osiris wasn’t afraid to roast the Cash Money crooner, Jacquees still knows how to get love from some of his contemporaries, as he proved in May 2022 when he revealed that Future was named the executive producer of his latest album.


“My new album drops summer of 2022, and it’s executive produced by Future,” Jacquees said to Good Day Atlanta. “It feels like a new beginning, and everything feels fresh, it feels new.”


In Other News- YK Osiris Apologizes To His Fans And Family

YK Osiris has issued another round of apologies regarding his recent incident with Sukihana — in which he forced himself on the rapper in public — and he wants his friends and family to know that he’s working on being “a better person.”

YK Osiris

On Friday (June 16), the “Worth It” singer took to his Instagram Story to apologize to his supporters and loved ones. According to him, he wants to focus on his “purpose,” which is making music. Learn more


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