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Update On Jackie Phamotse Vs The Kumalo’s Legal Fight

Author and controversial figure Jackie Phamotse has been in on a 13-year and counting ongoing legal battle with beloved mogul couple Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo as early as 2010. This was due to Jackie making what is now deemed as salacious accusations against the couple in a tweet at the time.

As reported by the Citizen when the story first broke. Phamotse is alleged to have:

Jackie Phamotse

In July 2010, Kumalo and his wife Basetsana were granted a protection order against Phamotse by the Randburg Magistrates Court.

This after the court found that a descriptive tweet Jackie posted about “a media mogul” and her husband allegedly being involved in a gay sex tape resulted in widespread speculation that the couple in question was the Kumalos.

At the time, it was alleged that Basetsana, who was drunk and hysterical, was beside herself when she found her husband getting fellatio from a young rapper alleged to have been Nasty C.

Jackie Phamotse

Back in 2019, it was believed that the matter had been concluded by the courts, However, it seems that 13 years later the matter has yet to be concluded as the two parties are alleged to have been in court over the matter.

Jackie Phamotse vs. the Kumalos update

One person that seems to still believe that Jackie was not lying when she made the accusations against the Kumalos is none other than fellow controversial Twitter personality Ntsiki Mazwai.

Jackie PhamotseIn a since-deleted tweet, Ntsiki made it clear that she not only believed Jackie’s version of events. But that she had seen the images. However, as she has also recently concluded paying some of the legal fees in her legal matter between Euphonik and DJ Fresh.

Ntsiki saw it best to delete the tweet. However, when asked whether she has the images, she shared that she had recently deleted her copy.


As such, it seems that Jackie is still at a disadvantage as it was revealed that the Kumalos legal team had recently concluded their cross-examination. Moreover, it what seems like Jackie’s legal team’s attempt to buy time, they have delayed the verdict even further by asking to “read through the transcripts.”

A description of the book is shared as:

Those who live on the surface desire what the darkness offers. In tough times, crime is the only thing that soothes their souls. It is the South Africa you choose not to see.

The constitution forms the backbone of South African democracy, yet the youth bleed for it. What does South Africa truly have when its children are traded for a good time and tenders? It is an accurate reflection of the social decay under the leadership of President Cyril Ramaphosa. Are your children safe in this trauma-infested country?

A sadist and a commoner at war. A story about redemption and freedom.


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