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Zandie Khumalo gushes over her sister, Kelly Khumalo

Zandie Khumalo gushes over a sister, Kelly Khumalo after an electrifying performance over the past weekend. Kelly did well on stage without being consumed by the cancel culture and the challenges that stemmed from Senzo Meyiwa’s murder trial. Taking to Instagram, Zandie said the hatred is needed as it made her strong.

Kelly Khumalo

“If I had my way I would take it all away but how else would u get to be this strong and amazing……u cant get to be this amazing on love only, a bit of hate here and there is needed.

Zandie Khumalo

U went out there last night and conquered where some would have crumbled. I’m proud of u,” Zandile wrote

In other news – Lebo M reportedly gives wife 48 hours to return his Mercedes 

The Lion King composer Lebo Morake popularly known as Lebo M is demanding his wife, Pretty Samuels-Morake to return his car within 48 hours, failing which, she will be arrested for theft, ZiMoja reported.

Lebo M
Following the couple’s public dispute in recent weeks, Lebo M reportedly demanded his wife issue a public apology regarding her acknowledging her shortcomings publicly. Read more

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