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Hulisani Ravele shares some words of wisdom – The sun will shine again

Many parts of the country are experiencing rain, with Hulisani Ravele comparing it to life.

Taking to social media this week, Hulisani drew comparisons between the rain and heartbreak, saying: “Sometimes when it rains, your car gets wet even if you parked it under a carport. It’s like that in life too. When you think you’ve taken cover to guard your heart, your spirit, and then an unexpected splash hits you.”

Hulisani Ravele

She encouraged all those who are struggling to “take heart” and believe that “the sun will shine again”.

Hulisani had her own heartbreak last year when she split from Sipho “Psyfo” Ngwenya.

In an interview with Destiny, Hulisani said media reports about the split made her seem more upset than she was about the break-up, causing concern among her family members, who would visit her to make sure she was OK.

Hulisani Ravele

“I’m very close to both sides of my family. I’m one of 39 first-generation grandchildren — and that’s just on my mom’s side! Even so, I didn’t speak to some family members for several months because they couldn’t accept our decision to end our relationship. I heard ‘Just give him a chance’ more times than I could bear.”

In other news – Yanga Chief exposes how he was kicked out from Da L.E.S’s record label

Yanga has had a rather long journey in the music industry with his fare share of ups and downs. He has moved from label to label over the year trying to find his way and through his description, his journey with Da L.E.S’s F2D seems to be the sweetest.

Yanga Chief and Da L.E.S

The rapper was recently interviewed on Slikour On Life’s The Balcony were he revealed how he was dropped from F2D. “The plan is that the album drops in June and F2D was like yo, no matter what happens this thing needs to drop. continue reading

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