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Felo Le Tee Set To Host 40 Lucky Fans For A Movie Night

Felo Le Tee will be hosting his 40 lucky fans for a movie night on 25 May. The fans will join the musician to watch a proudly South African film titled To Be Seen. It was produced by a 22-year-old filmmaker on the rise, Ntokozo Mlaba.

Felo Le Tee

This is in the build-up to the release of Felo’s very own, much-anticipated short film titled Contagious. Asides from supporting other talents, Felo perceives it as a means of bonding with his fans.

“Entries are open to any of my songs, new or previously produced,” he said.

Felo Le Tee

“I want my fans to understand that I am not just a music artist, but that I have a lot more interests and much more to offer under my brand. This is also just another cool way to show my fans how much I appreciate their support for my journey in the industry so far. We’re going to have a fun, chilled experience.”


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Nota Baloyi won’t be seeing a therapist despite advice from fans and followers on social media. Asides from being chaotic on social media, he’s also fond of calling out his estranged wife, Berita.

Nota Baloyi

Some people urged him to get therapy, but their advice isn’t profitable for the critic as he tagged it a waste of time. Taking to Twitter, Baloyi opens up on how he regrets taking his family to therapy. Learn more

More News- Prince Kaybee Uses Baby Filter To Make Fans Focus On His Music

Prince Kaybee changes his face so fans can concentrate on his music. The DJ made the move after a Twitter user complimented his look, by saying he is the finest man in South Africa.

Prince Kaybee

Prince KayBee is one of the finest men in South Africa (appearance wise),” Tweep wrote. Kaybee’s heart broke at the compliment as he desired such for his music. Learn more

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