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Emtee reacts to criticisms on how he talks

Mthembeni Ndevu, famously known as Emtee reacts to people who complain about how he talks. Over the past couple of days, a video of the rapper speaking with a street vendor went viral on social media. While many found the content hilarious, it was also bothersome to see the rap star talk slow.


It was presumed by some people that he is high, hence he spoke that way. Meanwhile, Ndevu mostly speaks like that in most videos seen.


People referenced these videos, urging the rapper to stop getting high. Taking to Twitter, Emtee slammed people who criticised how he talks.

“I talk like this cos I choose to. I’m a travelling man. I love languages, slang and word play. I’m a musician, how u think some these hits came about!? I’m a real song writer. I’m not the best at shit but Most y’all lyrics is ass,” he wrote.


“I talk slow but I ain’t broke tho. U don’t have half the money both my sons putting up. That’s on fonem. I’m the hustla FRFR. I’m one of the last artists sold platinum in HARD COPIES. Not streams. Don’t play wimme BOY,” the star added.

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