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Emtee Explains Why He Still Has A Crush On Pearl Thusi Despite Being Married

Emtee‘s continued admiration for Pearl Thusi‘s beauty fascinates South Africa. The musician who wrote a whole song, Pearl Thusi, dedicated to the internationally-acclaimed actress, continues to sing her praises years later.


In an Instagram live video, Emtee addressed why he tried to hit on Pearl Thusi on socials. In the broadcast, Emtee took the time to explain why he previously told everyone that his hood would be proud if he got with Pearl Thusi.

Emtee details how much Pearl Thusi means to him even in other relationships According to SA Hip Hop Mag, rapper Emtee wanted everyone to know that dating Pearl would mean the world to him.

Some people thought it was disrespectful when Emtee shared said his hometown would be proud if he managed to sleep with Pearl Thusi.


The rapper clarified that he did not want to disrespect the beautiful actress but, instead, he truly loves Pearl. He said: “I ain’t lying and I ain’t disrespect nobody.

I’m in love with Pearl, the Lord is my witness. At the end of the day, a relationship between me and Pearl Thusi will make so much sense to the public, to the hood, to everything.”

Explaining himself after people asked about his marriage, the musicians had a scathing answer. Emtee said that every woman he has ever been with knew he would cheat with her to see if given a chance.


South Africans are divided about Emtee’s goal to date Pearl Thusi People love to see celebrity love stories. Briefly News posted a tweet about the two possibly being a couple, and many people had divided responses as they questioned if the two would work:

@Sphesihle_Ludz “Respect Emtee asomblifu. [please]” Prince PeeKay Mashiane argued “I disagree. Pearl Thusi is too old and expired bro… Emtee deserves freshers Bo Uncle Waffles sort of.”

enny disagreed: “Nah…Emtee wouldn’t be able to handle a hun like Pearl.” @Bob010101010101 wondered: “Why is Pearl entertaining him?” @problvmchild95 wrote: “Someone please take Emtee’s phone away from him, all these IG lives while being high is not helping him.”


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