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Emtee hits back – Don’t think you can address me like I’m your friend

Guys, it is 2019. Why do people still need to be reminded that Emtee is a savage with the klapbacks?

The Pearl Thusi hitmaker has been speaking his mind and giving it back to the haters. So it was no surprise that he told a follower to sit down when they commented on his latest snap.

The pic, showing him at the beach, got loads of comments from a fan who commented about his height in the snap.


“WTF. You are too short,” a follower wrote.

Emtee was not about to chill while someone was taking shots at him, and he hit back by telling the follower that he was wearing baggy clothes that made him appear shorter than he actually is.

He also told the follower to put some respect on his name and not speak to him like they were friends.

“I’m not short. I’m just wearing baggy clothes, and don’t think you can address me like I’m your friend,” Emtee wrote.

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