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Dr Malinga appreciates Julius Malema and other people who helped him

Dr Malinga opens up about his next move after clearing off his R2 million debt. The musician cried out on Podcast and Chill after being hit by the South African Revenue Service (Sars) due to R2 million tax bill. South Africans came to his rescue and one of the persons he appreciates is the EFF leader Julius Malema. He also mentioned Black Coffee, Oskido, and Kind Monada as some of the artists who helped him.

Dr Malinga


“There’s Lingas Entertainment owned by Doctor Goodwill Malinga and there’s Dr Goodwill Malinga, which I own. My accountant messed up. I didn’t get good advice about my money. Where there would be money put into Lingas, but when I buy property or anything I would buy them in my name,” he said on B-Hive podcast. Malinga also talked about a new show he is set to launch.

Dr Malinga

“I cried and I got help. Whether you laughed or not, at the end of the day [I got help]. I have a show I will shoot next year called Khala Sigzize. I cried and people helped me with love. They gave me about R150,000.”

Source: News365

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