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DJ Tira’s Birthday Wish List Leaves Tweeps Speechless

Dj Tira

DJ Tira’s Birthday Wish List Leaves Tweeps Speechless

DJ Tira is completely hyped about the month of August and let it known on his social media pages as we all welcomed August 1st. On Twitter, the leader of Ezase Afro made affirmations about the month and we can all hope that his dreams come true. Especially, item number 3 on his wish list.Dj Tira

The first was to remind us that August is his birthday month, and we should all get ready to have fun.DJ Tira

Second was to announce the availability of his new album, “21 Years of DJ Tira,” being available for pre-order sales. And from the samples already played from the album, it promises to be a banger.DJ Tira

Item number three, was that in August the restrictions will finally be lifted! This is a wish he shares with almost every South African and let us hope it comes true.

Makoya‘s last wish, was that we celebrate (and protect) women. Especially during a month that is dedicated to them.


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