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DJ J Obza dumps Open Mic Productions to become independent



DJ Obza leaves Open Mic

DJ Obza announces his exit from Open Mic Productions. The record label made headlines in 2023 following the saga with Makhadzi.The event tinted the music company, as people accused the owners of extorting artists. However, it seems it’s a different case for Obza as he expressed gratitude to Open Mic.

DJ Obza leaves Open Mic

“It is with great privilege to announce the departure of Di Obza from Open Mic Productions. After 3 studio albums and some wonderful personal and creative relationships, it is time to depart from my former record label. It has been an honour to be part of such an exceptional team,” he wrote. The DJ says he will venture into being an independent artist.

DJ Obza leaves Open Mic

“I am extremely fortunate for the diverse experiences that I have gained under the label over the past vears. It has been incredibly rewarding to grow within the label, however it is time for me to venture out as an independent artist.
I would like to thank both my immediate and extended family, friends, colleagues, supporters as well as fellow artists in the music industry. Music is my passion and I believe that some of my best work still lies ahead. I have no doubt that you all will continue to support me as I embark on this new journey. Booking details and contact information will be conveyed by management.”


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