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Dineo Ranaka Diagnosed With Severe Chronic Depression

Dineo Ranaka calls off social media break with an update about her mental health. Weeks ago, the radio presenter hinted at being suicidal and it got lots of people worried. Dineo’s return to Instagram exposes people to what she’s battling with. According to the DJ, she’s been diagnosed with Severe Chronic Depression, and she is no longer suicidal.

Dineo Ranaka

“For the calls, the texts, the prayers, the good wishes… THANK YOU! I’ve recently been diagnosed with Severe Chronic Depression… I feel like I need to allow myself to re-introduce myself to MYSELF because I’ve been a high-functioning person with depression. And this is dangerous! VERY DANGEROUS,” she wrote.

“I’ve been physically sick. REALLY physically sick. I’ve suspected myself to not be well for a bit over two months now. And eventually, I know why! What a relief!! My symptoms have been in-sleep seizures, trouble waking up, trouble controlling my bladder, confusion, thoughts of harming myself, trouble with energy to do anything, and meaningful deep empathy/sympathy with those that have taken their lives.”

“At the end of it all… I am here now. Trying to learn how to move forward without thinking I’m a fraud. It’s really hard on me.

And if you knew half of the judgment I’m dealing with, you would probably want to have yourself admitted and never discharged! But I HAVE FAITH IN MYSELF. I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!! I will be cured! Depression is curable.”

“The biggest question is: is Dineo suicidal? The answer WAS yes but is now NO! It is NO because to break the curse I have to believe and say that I’m NOT!!!”

“Does Dineo empathize with those that have committed suicide? The answer is YES. Because the ultimate symptom of depression is suicide so I get it now. Have I thought of taking my own life? The answer is yes. But I reverse the curse by declaring I AM NOT SUICIDAL!”

“If at all you relate… I have faith in you. I believe in you. I hope you believe in yourself too. I hope you are willing to do the work to be ok.”

Dineo Ranaka

“Mental health is so insanely misunderstood because depression is not the absence of happiness so essentially, it is not sadness. It is the absence of VITALITY. Vitality is the zest to live!”

“Generally I don’t like long captions but I didn’t have the energy to shoot a video for you either. I’m taking time to myself to sort out the messes in different areas of my life. But hey, I’m doing it nonetheless,” she concluded her note.


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