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Chicco Twala appears before the courts again

Celebrated musician and producer Sello ‘Chicco’ Twala recently appeared before the Randburg Magistrate’s Court for assault. In 2022, Twala was arrested and charged for “pointing something that resembles a firearm” and common assault. Against his arrest, he was released on R2 000 bail. The case has had 17 court sittings up to today.
Court papers have it that Twala allegedly assaulted City Power employees after reportedly mistaking them for thieves in Bloubosrand. Upon his arrest, Gauteng police confiscated two toy guns.

However, the case has been before the courts since 2022. Twala now hopes for a withdrawal because of the continued postponements. In recent years, Twala has voiced his frustration over the court postponements.

Chicco Twala

Reports have it that a state witness failed to appear during his previous appearance. However, Twala remains hopeful since the case is still before the courts of law. His court case has often thrust him into the top trends in recent years.

According to the Sowetan, in 2022, Twala revealed that his arrest proved that he was not above the law as peddled by tabloids. In 2022, National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane confirmed the incident. In one of the court sitting, Mjonondwane said, “The alleged incident took place in Bloubosrand on May 1 2022, when two City Power technicians attended to a call about a power outage in the area.”

Chicco Twala

He added, “On arrival, the technicians had to switch off the power, and that is when Twala allegedly charged at one of them, strangled him and pointed at him with something resembling a firearm.

Source: SABC

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