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Caiphus Semenya Reacts report of him demanding 50% royalties from AKA



Caiphus Semenya

Caiphus Semenya reacts to reports of demanding 50% royalties from the late AKA for sampling a few of his songs on the Mass Country album.

A few weeks ago, a source revealed to Sunday World that the legendary musician demands to be paid after realizing that the late star sampled a couple of his songs.

Caiphus Semenya

“The old man felt that AKA disrespected him and his work because he had previously stolen his intellectual property but later apologized and promised to fix his mess. Sadly he did not,” a source revealed.

“So, when he heard that he sampled this one again without permission, he understandably blew his top and demanded royalties.” the source added.

Caiphus Semenya

However, recently speaking on a podcast, Caiphus rubbished the claim and set the record straight.

“It was sorted out,” laughed the legendary who spoke to Nkululeko’s YouTube podcast.

“I started Semenya Music when I was 32 years old. John Levi helped me put my publishing together. Since then I have never, not once negotiated a song,” he clarified.

Semenya slammed the journalist who published the 50% royalties report.

Caiphus Semenya

“He just runs and writes nonsense, it’s rubbish,” added the legend. He added that he was not involved in the negotiations of royalties and they were sorted out previously.

“His lawyers have never seen me, so who am I going to demand the 50% from?”

Caiphus Semenya was angered by headlines and reports that claimed he knocked at the late AKA’s grave.

“I’m not like that. If he lacks respect, I was raised by people who taught me respect. When someone loses a loved one, you sympathize with them. And the way this boy died hurts me. There is no song that’s worth his life. What’s 50%?”

Watch the interview below:


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