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Bontle Modiselle Shows Off Some Serious Dance Moves – Video

Bontle Modiselle

Bontle Modiselle Shows Off Some Serious Dance Moves – Video

Bontle Modiselle is slowly becoming one of South Africa’s new generation of MILFs that like wine only mature for the better with time.

Bontle Modiselle
Bontle Modiselle

The beauty took to her social media to share a video of her breaking it down. The video features a caption that encapsulates the significance of the video and her still being able to break it down. The former television host of SABC 1’s popular hip-hop show, One Mic, reflects on her caption of her latest post that she has been dancing for over 15 years professionally and that, “I do it all, I do it still. This sh*t is in my veins, you understand?”

Bontle Modiselle

The video has received only compliments with even the reigning Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi, taking to the comments section of the post to compliment the mother of one’s body. Bontle Modiselle or Moloi depending on which platform you interact with is the mother to an almost 10-months old adorable baby girl, Afrika Bonita Lerato Moloi, which she has with her husband and partner for almost eleven years, Ricardo “Priddy Ugly” Moloi.

While this video has received compliments from her followers, Bontle’s journey to the top of the local dancing scene has not been all merry. The multi-faceted personality had to deal with trolls back in June 2020, Bontle posted a video on social media dancing Focalistic’s smash hit single “Ke Star,” featuring Vigro Deep. The post received so much backlash from trolls that suggested she trying too hard to dance like leading amapiano female vocalist and choreographer, Kamo Mphela. It got so bad that she had to disable the comments and only recently turned them back on.

But the critique did not hinder her from pursuing her passion that she eventually had the last laugh when she shared the subsequent video of her doing a triple woah. Yes, a triple in style and what matter the video an even bigger flex was that Bontle was dancing to a nursery rhyme.

The significance of the latest video besides that the video was taken by her sister and youngest member of the iconic brand of The Modiselle Sisters, Candice Modiselle; is that Bontle’ looks ravishing considering that she only had her child just nine months ago and she has already come into her body. Moreover, she has embraced her changed body and works to celebrating those changes rather than hide them or pretend that she can “bounce back” to her old self.


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