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Bontle Modiselle writes touching tribute to her husband Priddy Ugly

South African actress and choreographer Bontle Modiselle recently expressed her deep affection for her husband, rapper Priddy Ugly. Taking to social media, Bontle shared heartfelt messages, celebrating their love and partnership.

Bontle Modiselle

Her posts highlight the strong bond and mutual respect they share, which continues to inspire their fans and followers.

Bontle Modiselle

Bontle Modiselle expressed her deep appreciation for her husband, Priddy Ugly, in a heartfelt Father’s Day message. She praised him for being an amazing father to their daughter, Afrika, highlighting his strength and dedication.

Bontle thanked him for showing up, stepping up, and being an inspiration despite life’s challenges. She emphasized their love and gratitude, celebrating his commitment and resilience.

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Zola 7

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