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Bonang Matheba is shocked on how Mzansi is finishing yeast in stores

The ban on the sale of alcohol in Mzansi for the remainder of the lockdown period, has forced many South Africans to explore different ways to quench their thirst. This includes brewing homemade alcohol. Although it is illegal to do so, some have been brave enough to share their recipes and the final products on social media.

The ingredients of the homemade alcohol include a yeast which helps to ferment the alcohol. Now these days getting yeast from the shelves in-store has become a luxury. Production of it has been put on hold as it is not an essential item, but another reason could be the fact that South Africans, have been hard at work brewing alcohol with it.

Bonang Matheba


Television star Bonang Matheba posted a Tweet expressing her shock over this. She said she was watching eNCA and they were reporting about what South Africans have been up to with yeast recently. The TV host recently tweeted about her cravings for fat cakes, but now you cant get yeast because it is not available anymore.

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