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Bianca Naidoo Reveals The Reason Behind The Late Riky Rick’s Mental Health Struggles

Bianca Naidoo speaks about the late Riky Rick’s mental health struggles. The rapper died on February 23 2022 at the age of 34 after taking his life. Rick was known to have battled depression for years, and in a recent interview, his wife opened up on the causes of his depression.

Bianca Naidoo

“He wanted to do more than he was actually doing, he wanted to make a difference. When I look at it now, I feel like he probably didn’t feel like he was doing enough and that was definitely something that hurt … just with a lot of the things that have been happening in the country and in the industry.

Those are the things that didn’t sit well with him. It’s just a whole lot of worldly things that he struggled with,” she said.

Bianca Naidoo

“Riky did struggle with addiction and had a very good run and then, unfortunately, struggled again towards the end. That was hard for him to feel like he’s kind of failed, but I have to say we held him close through all those moments. We gave him so much love, even though he felt that he wasn’t worthy of it probably.”


In Other News – Former Gomora Actor Ntobeko Sishi Opens Up About Battling With Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

Musician and actor Ntobeko Sishi, who exited Gomora as Ntokozo tells City Press that he was depressed and emotionally fragile for a long time, to the point of co. The Gomora star Ntobeko “Sishii” Sishi revealed this about his new EP and how his aunt was devastated when she found his songs.

Ntobeko Sishi

“My aunt found a couple of my songs where I was talking about wanting to end my life, and she was very disappointed. She approached me, gently saying, hey you have to go see a therapist. I tried to deny it, saying I am okay.” Learn more

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