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Andile Mpisane And Sithelo Shozi Continue Fighting For Baby Flo in Durban Court




Andile Mpisane And Sithelo Shozi Continue Fight For “Baby Flo” in Durban Court.

According to TimesLive, the socialite appeared before Point Family Court on Monday, in Durban, with her baby daddy Andile, over a custody dispute over their child Flo.

Andile Mpisane

Earlier this year Sithelo accused the Royal AM Chairman and his mother Shawn Mkhize, of colliding in abducting her daughter, Florence. According to TimesLive, Minister of Police Bheki Cele was also allegedly involved in the saga.

According to TimesLIVE, while hearing the case, Sithelo was sobbing and Andile was unconcerned. A source said: “Andile appears unbothered and bored. The matter includes discussions around the children and the Mpisanes ‘keeping them illegally’ and not returning them to her.”

The unnamed source added that Sithelo and Andile had a brief conversation during the break under the supervision of their attorneys.

Andile Mpisane

“One of the lawyers said, ‘all my client wants is the child”, the source said. During a January court session, Mpisane’s lawyers led by Ntsako Godi denied accusations of child abduction and said they would oppose Shozi’s application.

There is no doubt that it is not the first time that the two have hogged headlines for the wrong reasons. In court papers, Sithelo reportedly claimed that Andile and his mother took Flo last year and transferred her to Johannesburg without her consent.

“For over ten months now, there has been no further communication [on her illness] … It’s clear that [Mpisane and Mkhize] had ulterior motives — which is to abduct [her]” Sithelo stated in her 24-page affidavit.

Andile Mpisane

“I would often have a WhatsApp video call, but I have since been blocked by the helper and have no access to the child at all,” the DJ revealed.

“I cannot bring myself to negotiate a settlement concerning my child and her abductors.

“I would have been amenable to entertain any settlement negotiations with [Mpisane] if the child is returned home where she should be”.

Sithelo alleges she was physically abused in their 2-year relationship, “While in the relationship I was beaten mercilessly and consistently. I did the best I could and stayed silent, but now I feel that I have been through enough. I feel that I have been abused and pushed far enough by the father of my children.

Andile Mpisane

Sithelo also alleged that she was abused by Andie, when she was pregnant with Coco, “The father of my children beat me to a pulp while I was pregnant with our last child, and I had to wait 3 days to find out if my baby would survive. The last draw was when the father of the children started questioning the paternity of our last child – after everything that I silently withstood.

“My children are far too young to live with a mother who is being bullied, intimidated and still facing abuse. I am a human being too and this kind of abuse has gone on for too long. I want freedom and justice.”


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