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Amapiano Star Paige Accuses Open Mic Of Exploiting Her

Amapiano star Paige, claims she has been exploited and molded into a bad person by the controversial record label Open Mic Productions.

Following Makhadzi’s saga with the stable, Paige took to social media to claim that the stable allegedly owes her money. She alleges that the stable owes her money for her hit songs and she was not paid a cent for her hard work.
She accuses the stable of forging a contract. “What Makhadzi is going through, is exactly the same thing am currently going through. From millions of streams, I have never received any benefit or a penny from those millions of streams. I remember signing a contract that was 3 pages. Soon after signing the contract, I requested a copy and was promised to get one in no time when I get home in 2021.

The copy wasn’t sent to me as promised and throughout the year 2021, my team and manager, kept on requesting a copy of the contract, and Open Mic couldn’t send it until July 2022, to my surprise,  when a 3-page contract I signed came back as a 17-page contract with my initials and signature on each and every page. The initials and signature were forged on all those pages, we then requested to come and see the original copy of this 17-page contract, and stories came up and all of a sudden they don’t have the original document, so out of fear, we decided to keep quiet because there were threats on my life and that of my management and team. Well, I just put my trust that God will answer my prayers one day, nothing trumps faith, God will be my soldier and protector. In the meantime we move and make music,” she wrote.

Paige went on Facebook live on Monday evening to further set the record straight on the saga. She said that the stable wants to cause a rift between her and her music partner, Sdala B.

The Ngiyazifela Ngawe hitmaker claims that Open Mic called Sdala B for a private meeting and allegedly paid him money to go buy a car. She claims that the stable wanted Sdala B to turn against her but he is not her enemy.


” I am so heartbroken but all shall be well, so on Thursday Sdala B called me and my manager and he told me that open mic gave him a call that he must come for a meeting so they can give him his money on the same day and he called alerting us how scared he is but he will go to hear what they had to say, and I personally told him you can go just be careful and I am sure they will try and bribe you and turn you against me,

Then Friday I called Sdala B to try to find out how the meeting went and how he is and he rejected my calls and everyone, I was concerned then decided to call his family back at home and I was told him he is back and he is well, I then figured maybe they have gotten into his mind, so I kept quiet and gave him space, then on Sunday around 7 pm I get a call from his family member that Sdala is at home in Mpumalanga and he just got back from Pretoria and he has bought a car for himself and I didn’t understand how he managed to do that and clearly it made sense that open mic has given him some money which he told me they were going to as they called him.”

“I do not know how much it is and also that money obviously was given to him on their conditions and terms, then  I tried calling him and still, my calls got rejected then a few minutes later I see an article online that Sdala B has publicly apologized for everything thing he said about Open mic and he never had any issues with Open mic and the matter has been resolved and that what was posted on his social media was not posted by him and said it was posted by his former manager who is currently my manager and the very same person that discovered Sdala and myself and changed both our lives for the better, I couldn’t believe what I was reading and I was hurt and still hurt by that and honestly speaking I am not angry or mad at  Sdala, love him as my little brother and I know open mic took advantage of the struggles he had at home and used it to even try to turn Sdala B against me. I know he needed the money to support and take care of his family.

All I am saying is I’m hurt and Open Mic is trying by all means, to make me fight Sdala B, they want my attention to turn on sdala b and that’s not going to happen because I am Paige because of him and he is Sdala B because of me, we built each other, Sdala b made his decision and it’s ok, he is not my enemy,sdala b doesn’t owe me anything, I respect his decision, but it’s life and that will not change the fact that Open mic has never paid me a cent and I will not turn my attention on sdala b and I encourage all my fans and our supporters not to see him as a sell-out, continue supporting him, his young and very talented,I love him so much as my little brother but I will continue to fight for what I worked for and Open mic must pay me for my work and they must stop writing lies on newspapers so they can clean their name, Open Mic is trying so hard to clean their name by more lies and using vulnerable people,” she alleges.
“Sdala B is not my enemy, he will never be. I am where I am because of Sdala B. He produced all the hit songs that you guys know that you guys (Open Mic) are using for your own benefit. He produced them and I was a vocalist on all these songs that you guys are benefiting from that I have not even gotten not even a cent, R1 or R2, nothing.” she said.

“Open Mic you owe me money. You have never paid me not even R1. You have taken my music down on YouTube and  I never fought you guys. I spoke with you guys personally and you know what you said to me andSadala B. You said we must go look for a job because our music is done. I am aware that a lot of radio stations don’t play our music.” she wrote.



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