Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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Popular amapiano duo go their separate ways

AMAPIANO music duo Entity MusiQ have split.

The group from Soweto, made up of Reinett “Tsiki” Topiya and Thabang “HouseKulcha” Palo, split in February but fans didn’t know.

The group, formed in 2015, is known for working with the likes of Samthing Soweto, Semi Tee, Mdu aka TRP and Djy Jaivane.

Tsiki said he wasn’t happy that people didn’t know he was no longer part of the group and that it was time he made a public announcement.

He told Daily Sun HouseKulcha was still using their collective name, Entity MusiQ, and that’s what was causing the confusion.

“I want to make a public announcement because I’ve noticed that people still think I’m part of Entity MusiQ. “When I walk in the streets people call me Entity MusiQ, the same on social media,” said Tsiki.

“I’m no longer part of the group. I am pushing my solo career as Tsiki XII and I need my fans to know that.”

Tsiki said the group didn’t end on good terms. He and HouseKulcha were no longer on speaking terms.

“In Decemer last year we had misunderstandings because we wanted different things and we couldn’t find common ground.

“That’s when I sent him a message and suggested we start pushing our solo careers, but we don’t stop working as Entity MusiQ. That way we can decide on whatever we want in our music and it doesn’t affect the group.

“We decided we’d meet up and speak about the issue in person. But HouseKulcha never made time to meet up. In February I realised he’d kicked me out of our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and he claimed he thought our page was hacked and changed the password.”

The DJ said he was shocked when it happened again.

Tsiki said that’s when he told HouseKulcha to make an official announcement that they’d split, but he didn’t.

“He’d already started posting pictures of himself and his content. However, he still didn’t make the announcement,” said Tsiki. I’m now Tsiki XII and focusing on dropping singles by myself.” he said.

HouseKulcha said “No comment” and hung up.


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