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Several vehicles were used as getaways in AKA and Tibz murders

The unresolved death of rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and his friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane has not left the lips of his fan base and that of his family and friends since it happened earlier this year. AKA and Tibz were shot outside Wish restaurant on the evening of 10 February this year before his performance at a Durban nightclub. Police had been waiting for the ballistics tests to be conducted on a firearm found in Umlazi, Durban. With steady progress, they are adamant about getting to the bottom of the case.



Speaking during a briefing on the unsolved murders of AKA and Tibz, KwaZulu Natal Police Commissioner, Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi says the investigation is still pending and that he hopes not to be questioned again. “The murder happened in a public place, there were many people that were involved and many phone calls that happened during the night and a video footage,” Mkhwanazi says. “The team has already started with more than 6 TB of data. We downloaded more than 25 cell phones as we speak, and the team is analysing every communication and data in those phones. It’s all from people of interest that might contain information. Cell phones of people who might have been in the area or might have communicated with the deceased. Or any other people associated with the deceased,” Mkhwanazi says.


Mkhwanazi adds that a number of people have been interviewed. “Those who might have been present during the incident, some not, and those of interest to us. We have identified a couple of vehicles that were used, some were used as getaways and some portals. Some might have been used by people after and we suspect to be suspects.


The police say they have identified one firearm which was used in the murders. “We as SAPS have identified a few individuals that maybe after discussing with the NPA, we might start bringing them in,” he says, adding that people should appreciate the work of the police who put effort into making investigations. “It is an investigation that we don’t want to rush but want to get to the bottom it,” he adds. According to Mkhwanazi, after collecting the information, they will meet up with the National Prosecuting Authority. “We don’t work alone on this, therefore any matter we are investigating, we are guided by our colleagues. Once satisfied with a strong case, only then will they present the matter in court. Until then, we are still investigating.

In other news – Cops have found the gun used to kill AKA

Cops confirmed that the gun used to kill Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has been found. Reports about the gun circulated various platforms since May, and it’s been finally confirmed on Wednesday at an interministerial briefing.

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KwaZulu-Natal police commissioner Lt-Gen Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi said the gun used to kill Forbes had been found. Read more

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