5 reasons why you feel h0rny after a fight with your partner

Ever got into a situation with your partner where you both are arguing about something and it actually makes you feel horny?

Yeah, it’s apparently a thing! You wonder why it happens to you when in reality you want to simply win the argument.Well, there are some reasons to explain why some people get turned on after arguing with their partner.

1. Hormones
Testosterone, cortisol and adrenaline are all hormones that spike when you fight with someone, including your partner. When cortisol is released from stress, your body and mind yearns for closeness that only sex can provide. This means that when these hormones are released during a fight, they can rile you up because these hormones can later calm you down and make you feel satisfied.

2. Evolution
Having sex after a legit fight with your partner can unlock a deep and primal part of your psyche. It provides relief and creates excitement too. You go from being threatened to feeling successful in overcoming the threat. You feel like you’ve overcome something big and so your body celebrates by getting all excited.

3. Anxiety and arousal
Both of these increase your heart rate, breathing and blood flow. The excitement from one of these emotions transfers to another. When you feel stressed out due to an argument, your sympathetic nervous system is aroused. This sparks your fight or flight response that fills you with energy and makes you even more motivated to want a physical act in some way.

4. It’s a way to cope with trauma
Traumatic events that include intense anger and fights with your partner can ignite sexual feelings at times. And because of this, you feel horny when you fight with your partner. Sex can alleviate this fear by increasing intimacy and re-establish feelings of safety.

5. You’re into makeup sex
The need to re-establish a connection and forgive your partner is quite a high priority after you both are done fighting. This is exactly why you may turn to some sex to repair the bond that you two share.

Source: People

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