What you need to know before you put a collar on your pet dog

Making a dog wear a collar or putting a leash is easier said than done. A dog often exhibits strong responses when it is forced to wear a collar.

Many pet parents will be surprised to find their beloved puppy acting weird ways like pawing at the collar, whining or crying, rubbing against a wall or any surface in an attempt to shake off the collar and when noting works, the dog might try to bite the collar to unfasten it.
Believe it or not, putting a collar can be quite a traumatic experience for a puppy who had never been accustomed to it.

Here’s how you can make it an easier process.

1. Sanitising the dog about the collar

Instead of surprising your pet with a collar one fine day, it would be better if you introduce a collar gradually. You can place the collar with your pet’s toys so that it gets acquainted with the collar.

2. Hold the collar in front of the dog

Instead of putting the collar on the dog, hold it in front of your pet for a while. Let it smell the collar and realise that it won’t hurt. Some dogs have a very finicky nature and it might get scared easily. Give it some time before putting on a collar.

3. Put a collar and then remove it

Don’t put on a collar for the first time for a longer duration. Just buckle the collar at its largest circumference. Wait for a few minutes before removing it. If the dog resists putting on a collar. Keep repeating this step for a few days before it grows comfortable.

4. Don’t make it too tight

When a dog struggles with its collar, there are chances that it might fasten tighter when the dog struggles with it. It is always wiser to tie a collar loosely and gradually tighten it to a comfortable position.

5. Check for skin infections

If your pet continues to resist wearing a collar, it might be a warning sign that something might be wrong. It might be a skin infection or a neck injury which might be hurting the dog. Under such circumstances, you should take your pet for a checkup.

6. Cleaning a collar

The area near the neck where the collar is worn is prone to fungal skin infection. It’s very important that you clean the collar regularly. And when you give your pet a bath, make sure to rub its neck and clean it properly.

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