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Uzalo Actor Othembele Nomgca Graduated With A Post-Graduate Diploma

Uzalo actor Othembele Nomgca received his postgraduate qualification from the Durban University of Technology. The actor received his postgraduate diploma in drama and production studies.

Othembele is elated about his latest achievement as the Covid-19 pandemic prevented him from physically graduating the first time around.

Othembele Nomgca

Speaking about his academics, he said: “It has been a tough journey, from obtaining my first qualification, a diploma in drama and production studies.”

“When I joined DUT, I was still a young man coming from the rural areas to the big city. It was a big challenge, trying to discipline myself. I used to constantly remind myself what I wanted in life.

Othembele Nomgca

“When I got what I wanted initially, I didn’t stop there, I kept trying to get even more.” Othembele is doing all in his capacity to become a professional.

“For me, it isn’t just a hobby, it’s a career. This is my life, this is what puts food on my table. I felt like I should do the right thing and further, my studies because no one can be a professional without acquiring the necessary education for it.

Othembele Nomgca

“We have to respect the art, so I am putting a price on it. You have to have a certificate that you can be proud of and know you have worked hard to attain it.”


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