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Unathi Nkayi shares good news with her Fans

Unathi Nkayi’s announcement as the host of the Basadi In Music Awards 2024 is exciting news for both her fans and supporters of the awards. As a well-known South African singer, songwriter, and media personality, Unathi brings her charisma, experience, and talent to the hosting role.

Unathi Nkayi

Her involvement in hosting the Basadi In Music Awards underscores her commitment to celebrating and uplifting women in the music industry. Unathi’s presence as the host is likely to add flair and entertainment to the event, while also shining a spotlight on the achievements and contributions of female musicians.

Unathi Nkayi

Fans can anticipate a memorable and empowering awards ceremony with Unathi at the helm, as she guides audiences through the celebration of women’s achievements in music. Her role as host reflects the continued efforts to promote gender equality and recognition for women in the music industry.

In other news – Boity Thulo appreciates Lebo M for inviting her to watch The Lion King

It sounds like Boity Thulo had an unforgettable experience at The Lion King’s 30th anniversary concert, and her appreciation for Lebo M’s contribution to the iconic film’s legacy is evident.

Boity Thulo

Lebo M’s invitation to the event allowed Boity to not only witness the celebration of this milestone but also to relive cherished childhood memories associated with The Lion King. Read more

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