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Trevor Noah gets dragged for snubbing national issues on his new podcast

Trevor Noah gets dragged after announcing the second episode of his new podcast, What Now? The South African-born comedian kicked off the show with Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, and for the second episode, he has Bill Gates. The comedian and the wealthy businessman talked about the philosophy behind having money and other issues.

Trevor Noah

However, it appears that some of his followers are not pleased with how his guests have been strictly American and international people.

Trevor Noah

Trevor got called out for neglecting vital problems ongoing in his home country, and in places like Palestine. Some of the comments are:

“Your book taught me so much about apartheid in South Africa and I related to you a lot coming from Palestine. I can’t believe you have not uttered one word about the situation in Gaza. So disappointed.”

“No one cares Trevor, the world is on fire. I’m Unfollowing.. ur more American than South African right now. Bill Gates? How about someone who can speak to genocide?”

Trevor Noah

“Despite the fact you are so critical of the apartheid South Africa you grew up in, you seem to be quite quiet on the much more gruesome apartheid Palestine… How could you turn a blind eye to the same kind of discrimination you loathe so much?”

“Why won’t you speak up for the ongoing apartheid?” I’ll give you a discussion topic “WHY IS YOUR SILENCE SO DEAFENING?”

Source: News365

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