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Tony Forbes reveals AKA’s first girlfriend

Tony Forbes revealed the first girlfriend of his late son, AKA (Kiernan Forbes) who died on 10 February 2023. AKA was one of the country’s most talented hip-hop stars and had a massive career, winning many awards.

Over the years, his love life had been a topic many fans loved as they wanted to know the woman behind his smile. It seemed many fans knew much of his girlfriends during his time of fame but did not know where he came from.

Tony Forbes


His father, Tony, revealed this during an interview on Lawd Of The Visuals. After hearing such information, Tony shocked many fans with the celebrity’s love triangles. To many fans’ surprise, Tony claimed that AKA’s first girlfriend was Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa. Speaking about Enhle Mbali, Tony said he loved her and thought she would be her daughter-in-law.

Tony Forbes and Nadia Nakai

He spoke about her talents and beauty, saying he loved her as he loved Nadia, saying it was his character. “Mbali was his first girlfriend; I always thought she was gon’ daughter-in-law; I love her. Talented, beautiful.” he said.

As Tony Forbes revealed AKA’s first girlfriend, we looked into his relationships after Mbali. AKA made many headlines when it came out that he was in love with DJ Zinhle. The two celebs fell in love, and they had a baby together, Kairo Forbes, and she is AKA’s only known child.

After breaking up with DJ Zinhle, he moved on to a relationship with a fellow hip-hop musician, Nadia Nakai. The two love birds went on to have a lengthy relationship that was only separated by death.

Source: News365

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