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Minister Of Home Affairs Dr Aaron Motsoaledi Confirms Thabo Bester’s Identity



Thabo Bester

What has become public knowledge following convicted Facebook r*pist and murderer Thabo Bester‘s arrest, is that he is not registered with the Department of Home Affairs.

After the very initial reports by the Minister of Home Affairs Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi suggested that, although Thabo Bester is a South African by birth he is not registered with the Department of Home Affairs. It appears Bester’s legal team is ready to fight tooth and nail to challenge the court where Bester’s identity is concerned.

Thabo Bester

“Man of mystery: Thabo Bester born in SA, but not registered with Home Affairs – minister” News24

The confusion that has clouded a handful of people is how Bester managed to register to a tertiary institution (Damelin), opened a bank account, bought cars, and obtained a driving license without a valid South African Identity Document.

Thabo Bester

As it stands, Bester’s new legal representative advocate Tsoeunyane Jeremiah Pela is ready to challenge the court to identify if the man locked up at Kgosi Mampuru II Correctional Centre is indeed Bester.

However, journalist and radio host Xoli Mngambi further clarified that even though Bester does not have a valid South Africa Identity Document, the Thabo Bester currently behind bars belongs to the convicted rapist and murderer.

Thabo Bester

“[CLARIFIED] The name, #ThaboBester, does belong to the convicted rapist and murderer. However, the reason Bester does not possess a valid SA ID document, dates back to the years his biological mother was not captured in the books of Homes Affairs’s National Population Register.” wrote Xoli Mngambi

After Bester’s virtual court appearance where his legal team was heard implying that the man locked up at Kgosi Mampuru II Correctional Centre might be anyone but Bester. However, Home Affairs have assured the masses that DNA tests were conducted when Bester was early deported and the results matched with one of his mothers.

“JUST IN #ThaboBester [WATCH] Home Affairs Minister Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi tells #SABCNews that DNA tests were done on #ThaboBester within the same week following his deportation from Tanzania to SA. It matched his mother. ‘We never doubted that it was him’ #sabcnews” wrote Chriselda Lewis, SABC


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