Steve Harvey Not Impressed With Today’s Young Generation

Steve Harvey shared a quote from an author named Nuri Muhammad, which he says changed his whole perspective on life and relationships.

“He said, ‘Other than your relationship with God, who you choose to spend the rest of your life with is the single most important decision you will ever make because your other half will either be your better half or make you half of what you could be.

Steve Harvey

“She will either inspire you to greatness or reduce you to mediocrity’.”

Harvey went on to add that a woman is like an elevator button, “They can take you up or down.”

After sharing his perspective from a male point of view, Harvey also clarified that he believes it goes both ways. After Sharpe shared how he once paid for his own divorce, Harvey interjected and explained what he feels is wrong with today’s generation.

Steve Harvey

“These young boys today (be like), ‘What does she bring to the table’. What the hell do you mean, man? What does your ass bring to the table? Did you get a woman that can come to the table that can make another you?

What else does she need to slide up to the table with? What about your job? What happened to men who were supposed to be responsible?”

He then explained how it’s impossible for a man not to need a woman and that women are becoming increasingly independent because they are forced to because men aren’t taking care of them.

Steve Harvey and Thando Thabethe

“The system of marriage is still good. The system of a man taking care of a woman that’s really how it’s supposed to be. All the rest of it is bullsh** man.”

This particular clip has been making rounds on Twitter with many criticising Harvey’s views as being outdated and misogynistic. Some have also pointed to his complicated history with women.

“He literally cheated on his ex-wife while she was pregnant, and left her and his biological kids with no money, so he can go to his side chic,” one tweep commented.

“And raise his side chics, children, from another man 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 We never forgot!!!”


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