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Sofia Vergara opened up about her role in Netflix’s upcoming show Griselda

Sofia Vergara opened up about her titular role in Netflix’s upcoming show Griselda. The 51-year-old actress made the comments during the show’s Miami premiere. In conversation with PEOPLE, Sofia shared the challenges she faced to transform herself into the drug queenpin.

“It was a lot of work, it was a lot of preparation, I had to really investigate what it meant to be a woman in that era. A mother, a Colombian woman… that turned into this monster. So, it was a really difficult task for me to understand,” she shared.

However, the Modern Family alum said that despite the complex nature of the role, she still found a way to turn herself into Griselda by thinking about “the similarities she shares with her.”

“We are both Colombian, we are both immigrants, we are both mothers, we are both women. So I did relate to her a lot,” she said.

Previously, her hairstylist Kelly Kline and makeup artist Todd McIntosh also revealed in an old interview that Sofia’s physical transformation included 5 wigs to depict different timelines.

They created prosthetic eyebrows, a fake nose and false yellowed teeth for her as well. By the time she left her makeup trailer, she was Griselda. And that’s why Sofia is so perfect,” said co-creator Eric Newman.

Source: People

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