Coming up on Smoke & Mirrors this October 2023

Coming up on Smoke & Mirrors this October 2023: Mthetho compares the bullets, and they don’t match. Mamiki wants to sue Dudu but can’t afford a lawyer. Lulu wants to stop with the food scam, but Petunia won’t hear of it

Monday 2 October 2023
Episode 121

Thandiswa shares her deepest, darkest secret with the father of her child. Sindi finds herself in hot waters when her boss discovers money missing from her account.

Tuesday 3 October 2023
Episode 122

Thandiswa comes forward and confesses to shooting Jaxon, while Mthetho discovers the bullet that ended Jaxon’s life.

Wednesday 4 October 2023
Episode 123

Mthetho compares the bullets, and they don’t match. Mamiki wants to sue Dudu but can’t afford a lawyer. Lulu wants to stop with the food scam, but Petunia won’t hear of it.

Thursday 5 October 2023
Episode 124

Thandiswa sees Xoliswa at Jaxon’s memorial and is later attacked by her sister. Nomeva speculates that Jaxon’s survival is due to some form of protection.

Friday 6 October 2023
Episode 125

Jaxon thanks Caesar for footing his medical bills. He refuses to accept that Amos was not the one who shot him.

Monday 9 October 2023
Episode 126

Petunia suggests an instalment plan to pay back the money but Martha refuses. They approach a mashonisa as a last-ditch.

Tuesday 10 October 2023
Episode 127

Nomeva has a plan to help Thandiswa get rid of one of her enemies for good. Sindi is forced to choose between love and work and is forced to skate between the two. Dudu gets a taste of her own vengeful medicine.

Wednesday 11 October 2023
Episode 128

Amos is confronted with a lethal proposal to bring down a giant. Mandla has to step in for his wife by engaging an important man in the community. A hotel bed seems too comfy to resist for one of the employees.

Thursday 12 October 2023
Episode 129

Jackson and Amos keep up the pretense of normality, but they are still determined to kill each other. Nthabiseng knows that it was Thandiswa who shot Jaxon.

Friday 13 October 2023
Episode 130

Nomeva brews the poison to kill Jaxon. Jaxon gets Songanga to investigate Amos’ necklace. Martha warns Lulu that she owes her a favour. Sindi asks Mamiki about a job at the salon.

Monday 16 October 2023
Episode 131

Songanga confirms that Amos is wearing a protection amulet. Amos comes to fetch the poison. Jaxon almost catches Amos planting the poison into the whiskey.

Tuesday 17 October 2023
Episode 132

Mandla delivers Amos’s amulet to Jaxon, Amos realises the amulet is gone and freaks out. Nomeva tells Amos to run and Martha catches Amos when he is about to make a run for it.

Wednesday 18 October 2023
Episode 133

Jaxon successfully apprehends Amos, showcasing his dominance and initiating Mandla into the world of private power schemes.

Thursday 19 October 2023
Episode 134

Thandiswa searches Nthabiseng’s house for her gun after burning an intoxicating herb. Thandiswa finds her gun but does not return home without being seen. Martha drinks the poison that was intended for Jaxon.

Friday 20 October 2023
Episode 135

After going missing for an entire day, Jaxon finds Martha unconscious in her room and has her rushed to hospital.

Monday 23 October 2023
Episode 136

Nthabiseng discovers the gun is missing and she confronts Thandiswa about it. Nthabiseng accuses Sakhile of being in cahoots with Thandiswa. She reports Thandiswa to the police as the perpetrator of Jaxon’s shooting.

Tuesday 24 October 2023
Episode 137

Jaxon is worried when Martha’s condition worsens. Out of desperation, Martha asks Jaxon to get Nomeva to help her. Nomeva is shocked but decides to help Martha.

Wednesday 25 October 2023
Episode 138

Thandiswa tells Mthetho that Nthabiseng’s accusation is ridiculous and based on her fear that she is having an affair with Sakhile.

Thursday 26 October 2023
Episode 139

Jaxon is riveted by sleep-talking Martha, and Mthetho insists there is no other way around the matter but through the bullet.

Friday 27 October 2023
Episode 140

Sakhile tries to talk to Nthabiseng but all she wants is the truth. Nthabiseng makes a final appeal to Sakhile. Martha and Jaxon work out that the whiskey was spiked with poison.

Monday 30 October 2023
Episode 141

Mandla tries to pull out of his agreement with Jaxon. He is caught between a rock and a hard place. He has to admit to himself that he is a hypocrite.

Tuesday 31 October 2023
Episode 142

Thandiswa learns that Sakhile is staying at the hotel and goes to visit him, but he takes his anger out on her. Nthabiseng goes missing for a while but to Nomeva’s relief turns up fine.

Premiere episodes of Smoke & Mirrors air on e.tv from Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

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