Sexyy Red Responds After Being Accused Of Emasculating Black Men At Rolling Loud Miami

Sexyy Red has fired back at her critics who believe she “emasculated” Black men during her Rolling Loud Miami performance — and needless to say, she’s not a happy woman. Conservative political strategist Joey Mannarino — known more for his regressive social takes than for any policy he’d advised on in recent times — took to Twitter on Saturday (July 22) to pass judgment on the rising rap star’s set at the festival.

Sexyy Red

Mannarino, who is a white man, purported to speak for Black men when he wrote: “Sexyy Red, the ‘artist’ behind Poundtown, just came out with two black men at her feet like dogs at Rolling Loud. Hip-hop culture has been taken over by people who want to forever emasculate Black men. It’s sad.”

Sexyy Red, however, wasn’t trying to hear what he had to say. “I’m freaky [shut] up,” she fired back on Twitter. Check out the exchange between the two below.

As one commenter on Twitter pointed out, “When it was Bytches on the leash nobody had nun to say.” The commenter was referring to NLE Choppa‘s recent remix for “Slut Me Out,” which he dropped back in April.

In a teaser for the song’s accompanying video, Sukihana, and Sexyy Red could be seen on all fours like dogs, with the Memphis rapper leading them by their hair.

Sexyy Red

Of course, those who know their Hip Hop history know that this trend didn’t begin with either Sexyy Red or with NLE Choppa — rather, that distinction goes to Snoop Dogg, who had a group of women on leashes at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

In the present day, however, Sexyy Red has her fair share of defenders — not the least of which includes the aforementioned NLE Choppa, who stood up for the “Pound Town” rapper earlier this month when the haters proved too much to bear.

“Man, I keep seeing the hate that ya’ll have on my girl Sexyy Red,” Choppa said in a Twitter video. “I’m just a real supporter, a real fan, I love her energy and I love her music personally.

“Man, y’all need to stop doing people like that, treating people like that. Y’all not gone always hear something that ya’ll accustom to or use to. Y’all need people like Sexyy Red to create a balance from serious to shit that you can have fun with.”

Sexyy Red

He continued: “Y’all need to stop doing that girl like that. That shit ain’t right because at the end of the day, she got a child, she fed her child, she made money, and made sure that her baby was straight. That’s all that matters.

“Y’all need to stop treating people like that. Like for real. Why our own community gotta tear down our own people? Why we can’t embrace her? Why we can’t understand where she comes from?”

Source – HipHopDx

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