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Resistance Band Exercises To Help Reduce Belly Fat

The best resistance band exercises to reduce belly fat are actually the best-banded exercises for both core strength and calorie burn. For true fat loss, you need to watch what you eat as well as how you train… You might not think that resistance bands can do much for burning belly fat and strengthening your core, but when used correctly these simple, portable, and thoroughly underrated bits of kit can work wonders for your overall physique.

However, it’s a sad fact that reducing belly fat takes more than a handful of exercises. To really burn fat and get a glimpse of abdominals, you need to be in a sustainable calorie deficit. Put simply, that means consuming fewer calories than you burn. When done consistently over time, you’ll slowly but surely start to see a reduction in belly fat.

Then, for the ripped midsection you’re dreaming of, it’s time to strengthen and build the various muscles that make up your core – which is where these banded moves come in.

Charles Ingell is a personal trainer and the owner of CrossFit Vauxhall. He recommends the following resistance band exercises to reduce belly fat and strengthen your core…

Resistance band exercises to target your abs and burn body fat

Band pallof press
“This is an ‘anti-rotational’ core drill and it’s fantastic for overall core stability and strength,” says Ingell.

Reps: 12 on each side
Rest: 60 secs
Sets: 3

Attach a loop band to a vertical bar at chest height.
Hold the band with both hands to your chest, stepping away from the bar to create tension in the band.
Slowly press the band forwards, pausing at the top of the rep with arms at full reach.

Band side plank raise
“This is fantastic for developing strength and muscle definition in the obliques – your ‘side abs’ – while also demanding strength adaptation of the shoulders,” explains Ingell.

Reps: 20 on each side
Rest: 60 secs
Sets: 3

Attach the band to an upright pole as low to the floor as possible.
Set up in a side plank, resting on the forearm with your elbow directly under the shoulder.
Push the hips towards the ceiling rapidly, resisting the tension on the band.
Pause at the top, before slowly returning towards the start position.

Band wood chop
Not only is this great for core strength, but it will also improve hip mobility and lower back health. Equally, rotation exercises will help to reduce the risk of injury in sports played outside of the gym.

Reps: 20 on each side
Rest: 60 secs
Sets: 3

Attach your band to a pole at chest height and step away from the pole to create some soft tension on the band.
Rotate the band across the body towards the opposite hip, keeping your arms fully straight.
Keep your shoulders and hips square, while pausing for a second before returning to your starting position.

Band dead bug
“The dead bug is commonly used for its awesome ability to create strength through the core, lower back, and hips,” says Ingell. “As a result, it’s great for preventing lower back injury by creating amazing core and hip strength.”

Reps: 12 on each side, alternating legs
Rest: 60 secs
Sets: 3

Start with your band low to the ground, setting yourself up on the floor lying flat making sure your lower back is in full contact with the floor.
Hold the band overhead with completely straight arms and tension in the band. The more tension, the more challenging this exercise will be.
Starting with a bend in the knees with the knees over the hips, slowly extend one leg at a time maintaining good tension in the band and arms fully straight.
Hover the heel of the extended leg just above the floor without it touching the ground before returning to its start position.

Band plank pull through
“Imagine you are resting a glass of water on your lower back which you don’t want to spill. Keep your hips level or you’ll spill the water,” explains Ingell.

Reps: 8-10 on each side
Rest: 60 secs
Sets: 3

Set up your band low to the ground.
Grab hold the end of your band with the hand furthest away from the band.
Aim to reduce any shifting or rotation through your core and hips as you pull the band across and underneath your body. Pause before returning to your starting position.

Band side bend
Do not bend your arm during this movement, as that will shift the emphasis to the arm rather than the oblique muscles.

Reps: 20 on each side
Rest: 60 secs
Sets: 3

Hold one end of your band and step onto the other end, conscious that the more of the band you step on the more tension you’ll create.
Keeping your shoulders and hips square, let the band pull your arm down the side of your leg to around knee height.
Then actively and rapidly stand to your starting position keeping the arm straight.

Band thruster
This is a full-body movement that will get your heart rate going and torch through a serious amount of calories.

Reps: 10 -20
Rest: 60 secs
Sets: 3

Step onto your band and pull the other end to your shoulders with your palms facing the ceiling.
Lower yourself down into a squat so that your hips break parallel.
Return to standing and when your hips extend, press the band up over your head in line with your torso until your elbows are locked out.
Return your hands back to your shoulders and proceed to the next rep.

Band kettlebell swing
Focus on a quality hip hinge and producing maximal power with each swing.

Reps: 10-20
Rest: 60 secs
Sets: 3

Secure the band around a kettlebell by looping it through the handles from both directions.
Stand on the other end of the band.
Send your hips back into a hinge as you pick up the kettlebell and swing it back in between your legs, keeping your midline engaged and back straight without rounding or arching.
As you bring your hips forward, squeeze your glutes and let the kettlebell come to eye height before returning down into the next rep.

Source – MensFitness

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