Red Dead Redemption 2’s Whiskey Tree Explained

Red Dead Redemption 2 is among gaming’s most expansive and detailed worlds, down to the very mysteries that give it life like the Whiskey Tree. Nearly every inch of the title’s take on the United States offers players a chance to learn more about its narrative, NPCs, history, and mysteries. While many of the title’s stories are told through files, NPCs, or campaign cutscenes, Red Dead Redemption 2’s most unique story threads are left up to player interpretation. By straying from the beaten path, fans can discover a host of hidden, strange, and, sometimes, shocking landmarks, with no real explanation as to what they are and how they came to be. Among the earliest of these strange landmarks is Red Dead Redemption 2’s Whiskey Tree, which stands as both a baffling and beneficial find, should players spend some time exploring it.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 follows Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde Gang, in a fictitious version of the Wild West. The journey leads many members of the Van Der Linde Gang to realize the time of outlaws and gangs may be coming to an end. This narrative is made all the better by its approach to realism, while the world around it all is made even better with some mysterious nooks and crannies.

Among Red Dead Redemption 2’s many mysteries is the Whiskey Tree, which players can find very early in the title’s narrative campaign. The Whiskey Tree is a large tree with various empty whiskey bottles hanging from its branches. The landmark can be found between Flatneck Station and Dewberry Creek, south of the “L” in “Heartlands” on the map. While the tree itself is quite straightforward, its origin and purpose remain a mystery.

Some believe the Whiskey Tree is simply the punchline to a joke, as Red Dead Redemption 2’s NPCs can be heard saying that they wish “whiskey grew on trees.” However, other fans are more concerned with how the tree came to be. Fans have tried solving who could have put the bottles in the tree. However, with no discernible reason for its existence, the list of potential culprits never ends. The area surrounding the Whiskey Tree is mysteriously tied to drunkenness in general, as Reverend Swanson is nearly hit by a train nearby, and players themselves can wake up near the Whiskey Tree, should Arthur get too drunk.

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The Whiskey Tree’s Greatest Mystery is Also Its Most Profitable

Players who spend some time with Red Dead Redemption 2’s Whiskey Tree can discover a deeper mystery within one of its many bottles. Somehow, whoever created the Whiskey Tree possessed the ability to fit an entire gold nugget into one of the whiskey bottle’s small openings. Should a player wish to destroy evidence of this remarkable feat, they can have Arthur shoot the bottle and claim the nugget for themselves. Players can then sell the gold nugget to a Fence merchant, which will net Arthur $25.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is host to plenty of hidden secrets, but few stand out as prominently as the Whiskey Tree. Though many players have come across the landmark, discovering its hidden riches after a night of drunken debauchery, none have traced its creation to the source. Fans may never know just why developer Rockstar Games placed the landmark in the first place, and fans remain stumped whether it’s there as a joke or as part of a storyline. Five years after the title’s release, Red Dead Redemption 2’s Whiskey Tree remains a unique Easter egg in the title’s equally unique take on the early United States.

Source – Gamesrant

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