Offset Stands By Kai Cenat After Arrest For Fan Frenzy

Offset has spoken out about the recent arrest of popular YouTuber Kai Cenat, who was jammed up by the NYPD during a giveaway event that turned into an uncontrollable fan frenzy. The ex-Migos rapper took to Twitter on Friday (August 4) to denounce the city as a whole for taking Cenet into custody.


“How you lock Kai up for giving back to his fans….New York be trippin’!!!” he wrote, though Cenet was released from prison on Saturday (August 5).

See Kai Cenat being released from custody below:

According to the Associated Press, Cenet first got into hot water when he promised his followers — most of whom are teenagers — a wide sundry of giveaway products, including a new PlayStation. The crowd of fans mobbed Union Square on Friday (August 4), and it wasn’t long before chaos ensued.

Footage from the outlet shows that the fans quickly began hurling bottles, jumping on cars, and fistfighting with one another, and the NYPD quickly lost control of the situation. At the end of the melee, several people were injured, and more than 60 people (including 30 juveniles) were arrested.

Kai Cenat

“I don’t think people realize the level of discipline that we showed to take a very dangerous, volatile situation and to be able to bring it to a level of resolve without any loss of life or any substantial damage to property and without young people harming themselves,” NYC mayor Eric Adams said in a statement to the outlet.

Cenet faces a multitude of serious charges, including inciting a riot and promoting an unlawful gathering in New York City.

As for Offset, he recently got some heat of his own when his wife, Cardi B, dragged him for a daredevil skyscraper stunt that gave her “anxiety.”

In a video posted to Instagram late last month, the Bronx bombshell can be seen twerking on her man in a swimming pool and Offset doing pull-ups.


While Cardi shaking her booty is usually enough to steal the spotlight, fans couldn’t help but zero in on the shot of Offset sitting on top of a glass screen next to the outdoor penthouse pool, with his backside essentially hanging off the side of the building several hundred feet in the air.

“Now why did he get up? Gave me a mini panic attack,” one distressed fan wrote in the comments section, while another put: “Offset was in a dangerous position [crying face emojis] not him playing with his life.”

One person even shared a screenshot of the moment on Twitter and admitted: “This gave me anxiety like a mf [uncomfortable face emoji].”

Kai Cenat

They weren’t alone. Cardi replied to their tweet by writing: “Me too ….Trust.” She also shared an uncut version of Offset’s daredevil stunt, in which she can be heard gasping in the background and letting out a worried: “Noooo!”

Source – HipHopDx

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Ari Fletcher

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