Nick Cannon’s Ex Claims She Wasn’t Allowed to Date Other People But He Was

Nick Cannon has always claimed to be a great partner and father — but his ex, Jessica White, doesn’t agree with his self-confidence assessment. On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, White revealed to Safaree Samuels that she was “just getting out of an eight-year relationship,” referring to her time spent with the Wild ‘N Out star.

Nick Cannon

She also admitted that the relationship was “polyamorous,” but it was far from equitable. “I wasn’t allowed to have other partners but he was,” she claimed to Samuels, who is a friend of Cannon’s — but who had no idea that “his boy” was dating the 39-year-old model.

“I don’t know why [Cannon didn’t mention White],” she told Samuels. “You’ll have to ask Nick.”

This isn’t the first time that White has spoken candidly about Cannon, whom she dated on and off for several years until 2020. Last month, shortly after attending the “blue carpet” premiere of French Montana’s new documentary, For Khadija, at the Tribeca Festival, she wrote a lengthy post on her Instagram Stories that many believed to be directed at Cannon.

“I wanted it to work, prayed every day that you’d see me and love me the way that I loved you. Maybe you did but just kept it from me during the relationship. I walked away with more questions than anything, I don’t know till this day really why current things had to happen,” she wrote in part.

Page Six then followed up with White after she posted the message, and she admitted that she should have saved it for her memoir.

Nick Cannon

“I probably regret that [because] I should have saved it for the fucking book, and got paid for it,” she told the outlet. When asked how long the chapter on Cannon would be, White added it “would be very short… I think if you put it in a book, he would be half a chapter. A half a chapter is still too long.”

She continued, “I went through an emotionally abusive relationship, and everybody goes through it. I am just the first person in Hollywood to talk about it, and not try to make a pretty picture of it. I don’t want to be perfect.”

She went on to say she has no plans to get back together with Nick Cannon. “I am not ever going back and that’s the facts,” she continued. “I am having so much fun without him, and I am better without him, and I don’t need all that energy and all that shit. I am done.”

White revealed that she previously suffered a miscarriage in 2020 after becoming pregnant with Nick Cannon’s baby and had previously told Hollywood Unlocked in 2021 that she found out another woman had also become pregnant by Cannon via TV.

Nick Cannon

“I was going through still my hormonal changes, and we were about to start in vitro,” she said at the time. “So when I came out, people thought I was this homewrecker. No, there was a real-life going on. I was bullied for months by that whole situation. I still tried to be nice about it. We didn’t break up right away, we tried to work things out.”

Source – HipHopDx

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