Ne-Yo Steps Out With Two Lucky Ladies After Divorce

Ne-Yo’s relationships haven’t been conventional thus far, and recent footage of him shows that he doesn’t plan on taking a traditional route anytime soon. On Monday (July 24), an Instagram user by the name of Jaz posted a clip of the R&B singer holding hands with two women in Miami’s South Beach neighborhood. With his marriage having ended earlier this year, the “Mad” hitmaker seems to be wasting no time before putting himself back out there.Ne-Yo

Crystal Renay Williams, with whom Ne-Yo has three children, filed for divorce after nearly seven years of marriage in January 2023. The collapse of their relationship was prompted by allegations of infidelity on the Vegas native’s part, including having children with another woman.

Watch the full clip of him in Miami below:

Ne-Yo’s ex-girlfriend recently took to social media to inform her followers that her children’s father “needs help.” In late June, Sade Bagnerise shared some intimate photos and videos of her child’s birth via her Instagram Stories, before revealing that she apologized to Ne-Yo’s ex-wife for all the trouble she’d caused.


What’s more, she said that she apologized to Renae because she wanted to enlist her aide to stage an intervention for the “Miss Independent” singer.

“I’ve privately apologized profusely to Crystal for my role, and she is such a strong, beautiful, FORGIVING woman….but I spoke to a woman who was so confused and broken. BETRAYED & misunderstood,” she wrote. “She is hurting and healing and as hard as he tries to play tough guy he knows he’s hurting deep down inside too. He needs help (love, support). It takes a village.”

She continued: “I know y’all like to tussle in their comments, but just read and listen with your heart today, and not your fingers. The headline about me demanding child support was a reach, and I think y’all are hurting my baby daddy’s feelings, lol. He says he doesn’t care. But he does. We all care just a little.


“IN FAIRNESS TO HIM, in that regard, he has always been physically, financially, and emotionally responsible for both Braiden and Brixton from the moment he found out about the first pregnancy. He’s never denied or questioned either child, and we have DNA tests for both. […] The man is and always has been a proud pappy. He is scandalous AF lmao but he does right by all of his kids.”

Source – HipHopDx

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