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Musa Mseleku says men will continue to cheat if Africans don’t accept polygamy

Musa Mseleku is a proud polygamist, and he has voiced out countless times on polygamy. Taking to his timeline, he explains why men won’t stop cheating.

Musa Mseleku

“Society makes it difficult for married men to speak out about dating outside their marriage. We took a Western custom, where a man is only allowed to date one person, and incorporated it into our African customs. It’s not part of our custom, hence men will continue to cheat,” he said.

Musa Mseleku
We’re not being given a platform for discussion. Of course, it’s impossible to have a discussion with a lioness. The moment I feel attacked, I’ll walk away from the conversation. However, you can’t stop me from being loved. Meanwhile, Musa recently spoke on the hardships of polygamy.

“When I started, I thought I was going to fail, but now I think I can stand on top of the mountain and say, ‘yes, I’ve made it’. It’s been more than 20 years. Any vision at any point gets to be reaffirmed, whether it’s still following its intended original form or not.”

“The hardships of polygamy are to maintain [the relationships] and to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you love this person you are with because if that person feels a second, a third, or fourth is taken because of their shortcomings, you will never have a peaceful life. And if those who are coming think they are coming because they are better than the first wife, you will never have a peaceful home. It is to reach a stage where it is natural they accept each other as sisters

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