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Mpho Wabadimo to launch her music career with a debut song

Mpho Wabadimo announces her music career with a new single which will be out this November. The former BBMzansi winner has ventured into various businesses over the past months; from beauty to being a DJ and now she is launching a new career as a singer.

Mpho Wabadimo

Taking to social media, the star announced the single, Bonga; she claims to be excited about the journey, in hopes that she gets supported by fans.

Mpho Wabadimo

“I’m so excited to be sharing this news. It’s been a long journey. For such a long time I’ve been wanting to speak about this, and I can finally announce that I will be releasing my first single in November. That is wild. I have this passion for music, I’ve always loved music. I’ve just been spending so much time in the studio trying to understand the craft, trying to perfect the craft and immersing myself in this new environment,” she said.

Mpho WaBadimo

“I’m just happy that it finally gets to come out, and right now. My biggest worry is how all of you would receive it. I’m so excited and at the very same time I’m so nervous. I just can’t wait any more. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it

Source: News365

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