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Mpho Popps Speaks On Being Multi-Talented

Mpho Popps speaks about his versatility in the entertainment industry as he was famously known for being a stand-up comedian, but now he hosts multiple shows, he acts, and he is also a podcast presenter. Speaking to The Citizen, he said, “Our entertainment is growing in all spheres. Music, acting, presenting, comedy… so I feel like as an artist, I drive myself in being a versatile artist.

Mpho Popps

I’ll never box myself as saying ‘I’m just a stand-up comedian’.” He says all that he is currently experiencing are dreams come true.

“I remember I had a moment sitting at SunBet Arena when Kevin Hart was here and I said to myself ‘I can’t wait till I perform at SunBet’ and I put it out there to the universe,” says Popps.

“It was the biggest live recording of a podcast in the world. He (MacG) was able to realize his dream, but in realizing his dream he helped other people, like myself, realize their dreams.”

“What a beautiful wholesome ‘black child it’s possible’ moment. I’m still reeling from that moment.”

Mpho PoppsSpeaking about his role in a new comedy film titled Big Nunu’s Little Heist, Mpho said, “Yes I’m a comedian [but] acting has been something I’ve always wanted to do. Growing up I wanted to be many things, that’s why entertainment makes sense because I can be a cop, I can be a pastor… I can be anything. In front of the camera, I can embody any character and then get to do something different the next day.”

Source – Fakazanews

In Other News – Zandie Khumalo Responds to People Cancelling Her

Zandie Khumalo reacts after being canceled alongside her sister, Kelly Khumalo. Zandie Khumalo reacts to the cancel culture by her and Kelly Khumalo. Kelly has been canceled after a new update revealing that she was linked to the killing of her late ex-lover, Senzo Meyiwa by contacting one of the accused before the death of the soccer star.

Zandie Khumalo

The mother-of-three has been evicted from performing at two festivals as people called out gigs to exclude her from their lineups. Zandie got irked by the cancel culture after a Twitter user urged DStv to exclude her and her sister from being aired. Read more

More News – Zodwa Wabantu was denied a permit in Lesotho – Here is why

The Lesotho government blatantly turned away South African dancer and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu from entering the country. In a letter signed on Wednesday, 2 August, the controversial performer was denied a permit due to her indecent style of dressing.

Zodwa Wabantu

A letter from Minister Lebona Lephema from the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftainship, Home Affairs & Police department clearly states that Zodwa Wabantu who was invited to the country to perform will not be allowed to pass the Lesotho border and attend her gig for reasons pertaining to her controversial and “indecent” fashion choices. Read more

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