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Mpho Maboi shamed by random lady for driving a Polo



Mpho Maboi

Television and radio personality Mpho Maboi has told a random woman where to get off after being shamed for driving a Volkswagen Polo. Maboi shared that she drove to Polokwane and back on a full tank of gas over the long weekend.

“This lady tried to shame me for driving a Polo this weekend. On some ‘OMG she drives a Polo’! I felt sad for the people she was with. They looked so embarrassed,” she wrote. Even if the Polo was my personal car, I don’t see how trying to shame someone you don’t even know makes sense at all, it was such a weird moment. Clearly, to her, it’s low class or something. I don’t know. It’s a dope car. My fave when I get rentals for long trips. Economical too.

Mpho Maboi

She added that there should be no shame in being economical, especially in the current state of the economy. Some of her fans also added their opinions and said maybe the lady was worried about the reputation that Volkswagen drivers have.

A study conducted in 2022 found that South Africa’s much-loved Volkswagen Polo has contributed to the largest number of fatal crashes in the country, followed by Toyota Hilux and Toyota Quantum which is popular as a taxi.

Mpho Maboi

The study conducted by the Road Traffic Management Corporation revealed that the Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Hilux, and Toyota Quantum also account for the highest number of speed infringement fines issued in South Africa. Maboi asked what the problem was if she was driving the Volkswagen Polo because for her it is just a car. She also questioned whether the lady had seen the price of a Polo these days.  Maboi further explained that the Polo was a rental because she was at work. She further stated that she does drive some amazing cars.

Source: Sundaworld

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