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Mlamli Mangcala says he is content with his job after being cancelled

Former ‘The Queen‘ actor, Mlamli Mangcala, is one of the few artists who are not afraid to speak out against the acting industry that cancels those who are outspoken. Another former Generations and The Queen actress, Vatiswa Ndara, was hailed for lifting the lid about being lowly paid and canceled by production companies and producers.

Mlamli Mangcala

Fortunately for Mangcala, being “canceled” in the television industry did not mean he had to remain idle at home with no direction for his career. As a qualified Locum radiographer, he can work in any health facility. Acting remains one of his favorite hobbies. This week, he shared a post on his Facebook page stating: “When a business does not work, and you are blacklisted on TV.

Mlamli Mangcala

You wake up and dust your qualifications then go to the hospital and locum. The most satisfying part is when you impart knowledge to students. An apple a day keeps the radiographer away,” He finds great satisfaction in imparting knowledge to students, as he believes that sharing knowledge is essential. Mangcala clarified to ZiMoja that his post was not intended to throw shade at anyone.

While he is open to discussing the challenges faced in the entertainment industry, he prefers to address them on the appropriate platform. After exposing the industry’s misconduct, life became difficult for him, leading to the loss of his house and car. “Things became so tough that I started losing my possessions,” he shared.

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