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Mariah Carey’s Christmas song sparks $20M legal battle



Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, the singer known for her classic hit song, All I Want For Christmas Is You, has been hit with a lawsuit for a second time with claims of copyright infringements by the songstress in her hit track. Two men, Andy Stone and Troy Powers, have claimed that Mariah Carey has copied the name of their 1989 Holiday song.

Mariah Carey accused of being a copycat. According to TMZ, the plaintiffs are demanding $20 million in damages over the songstress’s hit track All I Want For Christmas Is You, alleging that Mariah copied their track after it made it to the Billboard Charts during the 1993 Christmas season.The legal docs obtained by the publication state that there are major similarities in the lyrical hook, melody, and overall feel compared to their OG song. They claim that Mariah has pretended that these elements were hers, using a made-up story about where they came from.

This is the second time they have filed a lawsuit against Mariah, making almost similar accusations as the one made in the last filing. Andy and Troy are looking for massive financial gains and are pleading with the judge to shut Mariah down.

Source: people

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